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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 30, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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on, we will be back here tomorrow night at seven. ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for just about three years since the day donald trump was inaugurated, the left has worked tirelessly to end his administration by nondemocratic means, if necessary, very much including impeachment. tonight they're closer than ever to reaching the goal. and yet, in another reminder that the human nature is more complex than the human genome, they don't appear very happy about it. in fact, the closer the impeachment gets, the more despondent they seem. as the buddha himself once noted, "man longs to drink through a lotus blossom only to discover the nectar is the most bitter of all."
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so washington democrats are close to tears tonight over impeachment. they had highec hopes for president trump, they want you to know that. they saw his potential. sure they could be mildly critical from time to time, but only in the most loving way, as a parent corrects a child, it's as opportunity for self improvement. underneath it all, they were rooting for donald trump, from day one, because honestly when you strip it all the way, patriots too. they just want what is best for the country. then tragically into the path of their good intentions rolled donald trump's fateful phone call to the president of ukraine. that changed everything. now democrats have no choice but to impeach theca president of te united sometimes you have got to overturn a democracy in order to save a democracy. sad as hell. in fact, it's enough to make a even a hardened political figure like nancy pelosi a littlet' emotional. >> this is a very sad time for our country. i say to you with great sorrow and prayerfully. first let me say that this is no cause for any joy.
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this is a very sad time for our country. it's really sad. we have to be very prayerful. i pray for the president all the time. this is a very sad time for our country. there is no joy in this. it is sad and we must be somber and we must be prayerful and we must pursue the facts further. >> tucker: yeah, it's just sad. there's no joy in this. we're somber. we're prayerful. that's the official position of the democratic party on the question of impeachment. they rolled it out. they tested it this weekend, the talking points on the sunday shows and tellingly, not a single news anchor challenged them on it. strangely, though, no one seems to have hadan informed congresswoman rashida tlaib, one of the party's most visible members. she is still selling t-shirts emblazoned with her most famous quote "impeach the mother f'er." you can buy it tonight if you want. apparently nancy pelosi hasn't had time to call the congresswoman and recommend instead a weekend of contemplative prayer.
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she will get on it at some point. god will know what tlaib will say when she does. say what you will about tlaib and her other friends in the squad, but they're a lot more direct. in fact, let's just be clear. they're a lot more honest than schmaltzy windbags like nancy pelosi. they're not even bothered to pretend to weep and pray. weep and pray? they are thrilled! they're a little closer tonight to seizing power. from their perspective, that's always an unalloyed good. they could care less about the system. they would like to tear the system down. that's the point. mainstream democrats meanwhile, though, ever worried about what normal people might think, are still churning out increasingly implausible lies. w have you seen the latest tonight? it's maybe the best. they're telling you that the ukraine saga is actually about national security concerns. watch. >> that is classic abuse of power which undermines our national security. this is as serious as it gets. >> a president has put at risk
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our national security. >> our president sacrificed to our national security. >> this is a very serious matter of national >> at the expense of our national security. v >> president of the united states is willing to compromise on national security. >> the tipping point is clear. it was national security full stop. >> tucker: uh-huh. national security! says ocasio-cortez, who could not find ukraine on a big type map. how did the president jeopardize our national security? by delaying, they say, military aid to ukraine. that jeopardizes our national security. uh-huh, yeah. if anything jeopardizes our national security, it's sending, mindlessly. sending military aid to ukraine in order to antagonize russia. what do we get out of that? quick, what's the answer? answer.e's no right, we don't get anything out of this at all. of course, no one in the press pauses for 30 seconds to
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question the core story at the bottom of this. we're sending close to half a billion dollars in military aide to ukraine because why? because an couple of neo-cons think we should? please. another thing that puts our national security at risk for real is when you make it impossible for the president, any president, to have private conversations with his counterparts in other countries, with other foreign leaders. remember the closest world ever came to nuclear war was in 1962 during the cuban missile crisis. how did that end? how did it de-escalate? it ended when our president reached a deal with the soviet president, nikita khrushchev, they secretly. they make concessions to one another secretly. s they could not have done it in any other way. if there were self-righteous leakers around in 1962, the world would have blown up. that probably not an overstatement. it's a huge problem if this president or any president can't proceed with the expectation that at his phone calls, his core of his job williv remain private.
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by the way, honestly, the democratic party really cares about national security? the party that won't enforce our border with mexico? that refuses to deport illegal aliens convicted of felonies? yeah, they're worried about national uh-huh. this has nothing to do with national security. that is the most annoying of all the lies. it's about power. it's about a power grab. say what you will about tlaib and aoc and the rest of those hyper aggressive freshmen, at least they're honest about that. there's something sort of nice about someone who is honest about his aims even if the aims are disgusting and contemptible and scary, which power grabbing is. at least you don't have to wade through a bunchh of self-righteous air to get there. bottom line, democratic party wants to pretend the 2016 election never happened and to make sure it can never happen again. as washington expresses the fake concerns about national security, they can't pretend to be worried about corruption at the highest levels. no one thinks hunter biden deserved hundreds of thousands of dollars for a no-show energy
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gig in ukraine. but nobody seems upset that he got it last week for example, joe biden told fox's peter doocy this is above board because he never talked with his son about what he did abroad. watch. >> i never spoke to my son about the overseawa -- here's what i know. i know trump deserves to be investigated. he is violating every basic norm of a president. you should be asking him the questions. why is he on the phone with a foreign leader? trying to intimidate a foreign leader? >> tucker: you should be asking him about what hunter biden was doing in ukraine. oh, wait, that's what they want to impeach him. but the question is the factual matter because this is a news channel, we will answer the fquestion, the most basic one. is biden's claim true? a photograph obtained
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exclusively by this show, not to break, but we did, suggest the claim may not be true. biden on a 2014 golfing trip with his son as well as his son's business partner, at the time, this picture was taken, both of them on the board of the ukrainian energy company. the author of "secret empires," the political class highest correction and enriches families and friends. we also sent you more of the emails obtained exclusively, appearing to shed some light on one hunter biden was doing for the ukrainians. what does that add up to? >> i think it adds up to the biden family cashing in through corruption by proxy. joe biden as vice president can't take payments from foreign entities. that would have to be disclosedd that would be easy to catch. you set up your adult kids. in the case of the bidens, p joe biden was point person for
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the obama administration towards two countries, china and ukraine. lo and behold, the two countries that hunter biden ends up doing the most business with overseas are china and ukraine. the amounts of money are astronomical in the deal that he got have absolutely nothing to do with his background. he had no expertise to sell and he had no skill set to sell, to the chinese or ukrainians. he was being paid for something, certainly wasn't his skill sets. >> tucker: i watched over the weekend, i don't watch a lot of tv, but there's an impeachment afoot, and seems like it was worth checking in. and i saw a news anchor after news anchor, on all the channels. theyug backed down suggestions thatre there was anything wrong with hunter biden's arrangement with ukraine. why would they say that? >> i think the rules are different for certain people. does anybody really believe that those news anchors that they wereie talking about donald trup and donald trump jr. going to
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ukraine and don jr. getting, by the way, hunter biden was being paid $83,000 a month. we know that because we have the bank the morgan stanley account that it went into. his business partner ended up in a criminal trial and we got the banking records.s. does anybody seriously think if the name was trump instead of by biden that the news anchors ondy the sunday morning would have the same attitude? this is what frustrates people more than anything. i think a lot of people like trump or don't like trump. like the democrats, don't like the democrats but at the end of the day they want to believe firmly that we are a nation of laws, not men. but it depends on what your last name is and it depends on your political affiliation. what did we hear in 2017? after the 2016 election, everybody said you can't investigate hillary clinton,
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she's not not running for anything anymore. she's not going to be in office, you can't investigate her. what are they saying now? joe biden is running for office, so you can't investigate him either. the question becomes, when do you get g to investigate anybody at the highest level for criminal conduct? the answer apparently, for one side of the aisle, you never get investigate our people ever. >> tucker: yes, let's make it really easy for the traveling press corps. that picture back on the screen. here's joe biden and his son and son's business partner. the two of the four guys in that picture who were working for the ukrainians. did they talk about it on the golf course? outhere is, right there. someone ought to ask joe biden that. it's not complicated. >> look, you know that he lied when -- we know that because his own son hunter biden told thet new yorker that he did talk to his father about the deal. we also know that devon archer in the picture had a meeting in the white house one on one
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meeting with joe biden a week before they joined the burisma board. finally, we know it relates to the china deal, the chinesehi officials and business partners to hunter biden admitted when they took the trip to beijing, china, hunter introduced him to his father while he was on the official trip. he was lying when they didn't conduct business, there's so much evidence otherwise. vi>> tucker: ukraine not a threat, china isis a threat. peter schweizer. thank you so much. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: congressman adam schiff of burbank is certain that taking political dirt from abroad is the impeachable offense. as recently as two years ago he had a different view. trace gallagher joins us. >> because of a prank call that lasted 8 minutes, matt gaetz tweeted a portion of the call, enough to show what he calleds
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democratic hypocrisy when it comes to asking foreign countries for political dirt. on the call, to russian shock jocks are posing as a former speaker view ukraine parliament telling democratic congressman adam schiff thathe they have pictures of president trump from when he came to russia in 2013 for the miss universe pageant the dj claimed that they had a weird russian model and singer and a russian journalist talking about the photos. >> so you have recordings where they are discussing the compromising material on mr. trump? >> absolutely. >> obviously would welcome a chance to get copies of those recordings. >> it certainly appeared that adam schiff was eager to get to get the recordings. a member of his staff reportedly continued communicating with the pranksters trying to get the damaging charlie.
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as congressman gaetz points out, it appears schiff now has a different view of foreign help. >> it's illegal and improper and a violation of oath and in violation of his duty to defend the elections and our constitution for the president to merely ask for foreign interference. >> that is from matt gaetz. adam schiff's office now says they thought the prank phone call was likely bogus and yet ythey followed up. >> tucker: [laughter] that's what they always say. so good. sacha baron cohen shows up. trace gallagher, thank you for that. constitutional law attorney on the advisory board of the trump 2020 campaign. thank you for coming on. you're an attorney. you're an expert on standards. it seems a little confusing for adam schiff to say it's illegal and immoral to solicit dirt from a foreign citizen and then to look at that tape or he does
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exactly that and feel no embarrassment. speaker of the democrats didn't have double standards they wouldn't have any standards at all. for adam schiff to be saying one thing and then turning it around, it proves the democratic party is not actually interested in the rule of law. they're interested merely in making up their laws and rules as they go. even with impeachment, and if you look at the testimony that was given at the congressional hearing last week, adam schiff tried, and played all of those terms just their ownho standard. and try to say -- and mcguire did such a great job just cutting through all that. and saying no, this is the legal standard not the manipulated definition that you want to provide. so for example, he tried to say that quote-unquote credible allegation somehow means that the whistle-blower had some sort of fact or truth that mcguire was trying to set aside. itwo would be like me saying i
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know that you are wearing tennis shoes. i know for a fact that you are not wearing dress shoes. that's a credible allegation. because i'm in the position right now to actually observe that. but does it mean that there is any sort of truth or that the american people should simply believe it? they might because you are probably known for wearing tennis shoes but that doesn't mean that an allegation is any more or less credible just because i'm in the position to observe it, where an average bear wouldn't v be in the positn to make that type of -- >> tucker: for sure. you almost convince me i'm wearing tennis shoes. i'm wearing wingtips. that's the point you're making. >> do we know that for sure? we need to have an investigation ow. >> tucker: adam schiff, of all the people you can pick in the democratic party might be the least credible, he called me a russian agent. so, do they really want him as the appointment for this? >> they should not, but this is
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just the ridiculous hypocrisy og the democratic left. they forgot the mueller investigation did not go anywhere. all the attempts of the peter strzok, lisa page stuff didn't go anywhere. they have been beating a dead horse for so long that they are forgetting about it and all they are trying to do with it is bring the attention off of president trump's accomplishments and to get you and me and every other voter to be very concerned that if we are voting for president trump in 2020, maybe we are voting for some kind of treasonous guy. we don't want up but our name behind it. >> tucker: because we need to send hundreds of millions to ukraine. great to see you tonight. the cia exists to serve the sitting president, to bring information so we can make wise and informed decisions. in some cases its, agents and officials of played a key role not simply in the ukraine scandal but the russian story before it and a lot of it seemst pretty political. john kiriakou joins us tonight.
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it seems like cia, not most of them. the bunch of cases, cia employees are acting as c kind f clinical operatives. that's my read on it. >> it's getting worse and worse as time goes on. just look at the whistle-blower complaint and i use the word whistle-blower quotation marks. i made a whistle-blower complaint in 1996 about an illegal campaign contribution. i wrote a memo. he said to to the ig. in this case, it went through layers of editing and coordinating our lawyers were involved and managers were involved. it looks like a legal document. it doesn't look like a whistle-blower complaint and that leads me to believe this whistle-blower we keep talking about is just a face of an entire group that's at the cia that'ssh pushing this thing forward. >> tucker:rd wow. you're not saying that someone -- on the outside. you are there for a long time.
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>> can you imagine of gina haspel, director of the cia, learned of this whistle-blower complaint from "the washington post" on "the new york times"? of course she didn' she learned of it through the chain of command because it went all the way to the top before it went to the office of the dni. one other thing to remember, the people who run the cia, almost all of them are holdovers from amthe obama administration. they became senior intelligence services -- senior intelligence officials, sis, during the obama presidency and they are holdovers.s. they are there for 20, 30, 35no years and they know that they can out wait this president. >> tucker: what advice would you give to this president? >> if i could give the president advice, i was a deterrent to the senate, turn to the senate majority leader, and asked for an investigation of the cia. we need hearings on the cia and reform in the cia because this is not the way the whistle-blower system is supposed to
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>> tucker: so you would be afraid of them if they were -- if you are trump. >> i think they should be afraid of him. >> tucker: john, thank you. it is chilling. >> it frightens me as an american. >> tucker: hillary clinton is back, this time to push impeachment. hillary clinton showed up on the screen right before impeachment began. coincidence? we will be right back. what are you doing back there, junior?
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since we're obviously lost, i'm rescheduling my xfinity customer service appointment. ah, relax. i got this. which gps are you using anyway? a little something called instinct. been using it for years. yeah, that's what i'm afraid of. he knows exactly where we're going. my whole body is a compass. oh boy... the my account app makes today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. not my thing. ♪ >> tucker: well, it's been almost three years since the
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2016 elections. collectively, the democratic party still hasn't moved on.c but nobody is trapped in emotional amber like hillary clinton. every day forar her is november 8, 2016. she already spent years counting the different excuses why she lost. she went even harder than that, on cbs sunday morning, just polluted it,honestly. she claimed the election was stolen from her. ite was stolen! she did not say who the thief was. come and identify who stole the election. >> i guess she's out of the woods. i want to play the clip from the show yesterday for your viewers at home. watch this. >> i believe he knows he's an illegitimate president. he knows. he knows that there were a bunch
9:26 pm
of different reasons why the election turned out the way it did. it was like applying for a job and giving 66 million letters of recommendation. and losing to a corrupt human tornado. there were many funny things s that happened in my election that will not happen again, and i'm hoping that both the public and the press understand the way that trump plays this game. >> she didn't just say that, she also called for president trump's impeachment. listen to this. >> given the latest revelation which is such a blatant effort to use his presidential position to advance his personal and political interests, there should be an an impeachment inquiry open to. >> what i want to do is pull up a tweet from hillary clinton from october of 2016. here she says "donald trump refused to say he would respect rethe results of this election.
9:27 pm
by doing that, he's threatening our democracy." what i find infuriating about what she said there, democrats are the ones who are threatening our democracy by casting doubt on the legitimacy of president trump. they are the ones were undermining our faith in institutions, particularly the electoral process. remember, it was democrats, nancy pelosi's daughter who was leading the charge in 2016 encouraging faithless electors. it's been democrats who boycotted president trump's inauguration saying he is not a legitimate president, saying he was a russian stooge. we have been lied to about the russia collusion narrative amount democrats want to move forward with an impeachment process offending the 2016 election and 63 million american votes.ri they are the ones that are threatening our democracy. >> tucker: what is so weird is hillary clinton have the election stolen from her.ha that's the official position of the democratic party.
9:28 pm
yet they are not anxious to restore her rightful title as president by making her the front runner this time. it's a little bit strange. so she had it stolen from her but we don't run want her to rn again. what's the reasoning? >> i guess they learned their lesson that she is terrible candidate. >> tucker: [laughs] >> there is another serious aspect of this and we've heard democrats and this talk about how president trump was trying to solicit the ukrainians help with 2020 but they are the ones who are doing the very thing that the accused president trump of. there's been documented evidence of democrats in 2016 soliciting the help of the ukrainians with paul manafort. also hillary clinton is the one who paid christopher steele for the opposition research which included sources that were connected to the to the kremlin. they are completely full of it. >> tucker: of our viewers knew what those of us who live in the district of columbia know, which is a huge percentage of our
9:29 pm
foreign policy decisions are influenced by foreign it's actually disgusting. for these people to be lecturing us, foreign interference. okay. it is too disingenuous for me. >> there should be reform on the foreign registrations act. it would be so many people in d.c. >> tucker: i'm totally for that. lisa boothe, great to see you. hillary clinton is happy to accuse the president of making corrupt deals put over the last 20 years in washington, may be the most corrupt arrangement of all and trust me it's a contest for the most corrupt but certainly in the running is the clinton foundation. the clinton foundation received massive donations when the world expected hillary clinton to win. when she didn't win, what happened to the money? good question. buck sexton has been keeping track. he joins us. obviously people who care deeply, the countries that cared so much about childhood obesity
9:30 pm
in 2015 probably cared every bit as much in 2017, i'm guessing. three or know? >> we have the results of the experiment. i was. at cnn during the election. i would say things to people like we all understand the clinton foundation and the clinton global initiative, there's a lot of shady stuff going on there and they would feign abject stupidity. of course not. it's just a charity. just like they are doing now with hunter biden. i saw some of this on sunday. $50,000. is that illegal? well, it looks disgusting and it could be illegal. maybe we should investigate. looking specifically at the clinton they had a drop after she lost the election of 50%, tens of millions of dollars. is guess all of sudden climate change, women's empowerment in childhood obesity didn't matter quite as much folks. the clinton global initiative was shut down. dozens of people were fired. they had actually go through the new york state notification process for mass layoffs. a
9:31 pm
what happened? you think that a politician is no longer going to be in power would have more time for charitable work. you would think the focus could be really on all the good that they were doing. i think they should look into it. something else may have been going on. >> tucker: i don't want to jump to any conclusions here because i'm a journalist, as you know. i'm in empiricist by temperament. it almost sounds like an influence peddling scheme and not a charity.ou >> if you're going to be running a charity, you should probably work hard to separate out your asking people for large sums of money which they used to do while also soliciting enormous sums of money for speaking gigs, consultant, a consulting firm essentially run inside the clintonn foundation. you shouldn't bundle all these things together and this isn't a former politician. this is somebody who was the expected to be president. nothing but who could be. the expectation for governments around the world on the democrat party and i think it's funny that now we see something where there is once again the
9:32 pm
possibility of impropriety with hunter biden and we are told how could you even think such a thing? hunter was worth every penny of that 50,000 a month. he might have been but not because he was so good at estimating ukrainian gas output. >> tucker: hunter biden is a likable guy. fort of the point, hunter biden, while the people scamming the system, he was the worst added by far. [laughs] there were other varsity level sleaze balls. they got rich. >> like hillary clinton lecturing the trump administration and the american people on how he is selling foreign policy is the ultimate insult to intelligent people but she does have a love expertise in this. she actually knows what she's talking about. >> tucker: buck sexton, great to see you. new york ignores integration line out there threatening you for speaking your mind onre immigration. first amendment no longer applies in new york. we will tell you why.
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♪everything i do ♪i do it for you >> tucker: new york city is a sanctuary city, that means federal immigration laws are ignored and so the officials do their best to protect illegal aliens. even the criminals from deportation. y new york has created its own category of immigration laws that target not people who are here illegally but people who werere born here, like you. for example a new decree from the new york human rights commission says that ordinary people can be fined up to a quarter million dollars if they use language that illegal immigrants don't like. some of the banned words include asking employees to speak english, threatening to call i.c.e. on illegal building tenants or even using the phrase illegal aliens, which is an official u.s. government phrase by the way in a "derogatory"
9:38 pm
way. seth baron is associate editor and he joins us. i think it's in the bill of rights. it's not operative in the biggest city in the country? >> it's still there but they are working on it. as you know, the left, they want to to to controlling which because of you can control leg which, you can control thought you can control behavior. pete technically speaking the new guidance that that human rights commission put out really erpertains mostly to housing, employment, and public accommodations. but that's not how they put it out there. they have put it out as you said, that using the word illegal alien in a very broad context could -- you know, it's illegal. it could get you find. >> tucker: i don't understand. the first amendment has been interpreted repeatedly by the supreme court and definitively in 1967 to protect all speech
9:39 pm
except imminent calls to violence. how in the world of new york at around it? >> they would say that it's implicit discrimination so ifnd you're an employer and you want to make sure that your employees are -- or applicants are truly citizens or truly have worktr authorization, that that would be ae kind of, you know, disparate impact. it's a wide ranging assault. i will agree with you there. >> tucker: is fascism. what if i take the train to new york and stand in times square with a bullhorn using the phrase illegal alien. >> that would probably get you in" trouble because part of the law does cover -- i can't remember exactly what the term is, like threatening intent or something. basically discriminatory intent. yes, if you are posing -- if someone could interpret that as a threat to their safety or a threat of violence, then you could get in trouble.
9:40 pm
>> tucker: this is how it begins. the left contemplating speech with violence. i don't agree with what you're saying, therefore i feel threatened, therefore you're not allowed to exercise your first moment right. that is authoritarian. >> you've heard the drop the i word campaign. it's been going on for a while and they've been pushing it. they want the word illegal alien stricken from vocabularies. even though as you point out, it's part of the federal code. >> tucker: we should fight at my don't care h.r. department -- h.r. department signs on. we should fight back with that steak is the most basic of all freedoms which is the freedom to think what you want. great to see you. actor robert de niro, great actor, a bit of a hothead. on display as he was leaving divorce court. >> where the [beep] are you? i don't get it. [bleep]
9:41 pm
what's the matter? where are you? >> tucker: that's just the greatest piece of tape you ever, here you have this incredibly rich guy who really is the embodiment of privilege in new york city screaming atvi probably some foreign-born driver while his assistant covers his face so we can't see him berate his servants. that's just the greatest! he cares about the little guys. he went to cnn over the weekend talking to this quickie little spokesman that the chairman of cnn employees. said, hey, robert de niro, famous actor, what you think of donald trump? fox news! >> this guy should not be president. we you say that's, folks on fox come after you, remember they got up there and cursed, while the [bleep] and [bleep],nd it's not an sec violation, but it's still sunday morning.
9:42 pm
>> tucker: luckily no, nobody is watching! that's the good news. author and columnist mark steyn was not watching but we did send him the tape. what you make of it? >> you're right, there was a bigger audience on the sidewalkt outside the new york courthouse. essentially, essentially cnn and this is fantastic. there booker negotiated for months to get robert de niro on the show and give us his insights into the trump administration and in the end, he basically treats them the way he treats his minimum-wage domestic servants. and yells at brian stelter exactly the way he did at that poor chauffeur. but what's interesting here is to go back to what you were saying at the show, when you were saying about rashida tlaib and preferring her straightforward approach to, did
9:43 pm
you call madame speaker a schmaltzy windbag? if that was the phrase you used. every story on tonight's show has been the same story that it results from the left not accepting the results of the presidential election. he said this guy should not be president, period. but it doesn't work like that. you can't just stick a period on the end of it. >> tucker: even if you're a famous actor you can't? >> no. and as you said, it is rich white privilege basically to say that just because you and your friends think this guy shouldn't be president, you can't come up -- dinero used to be a great actor. when he played the character and raging bull, he put on 60 pounds for that role. to go on the show and say this guyho should not be president, u need to put on 60 intellectual plans to bring joseph up to the level of hillary clinton who at least says he shouldn't be
9:44 pm
president because he has colluded with the macedonian content farmers downma on their macedonian content farm in old macedonia. you have to at least put on enough intellectual pounds to be like the schmaltzy windbag nancy pelosi do that "this is ar sour for a moment for our country. we should all be peripheral." our illegitimate president has colluded with the macedonian -- this isn't a bipartisan moment. this is one where we should all be prayerful but he will be delivered from the macedonian content farmers. and the fact that dinero just as i'm the greatest actor in the world and all i can do is rained out expletives as if you brian stelter are my deputy under footmen. >> tucker: that's it. your thought on this, i watched the tape in the first thing i thought was he's a little bit over 70. 950.
9:45 pm
you're probably around my age. we are getting older. how would you like to be successful and richnd as robert de niro? universally knowledged as a great actor and be that unhappy? how does that happen? >> i think he's become the kind of potty mouth grandpa he plays in those comedies he's been doing in recent years. i think that has actually idled -- addled him. the fact though is, this -- it's not good to do anything. if your object is to remove trump from office, than actually having dinero on television just loosing fords of the population isn't going to do it. so, we should all be sorrow from prayerful about our pool president who's colluding with all these people, i don't know whether that would do it either but it's actually a more subtle and nuanced approach than just going the dinero route. >> tucker: the left is a
9:46 pm
coalition of the world's most unhappy. you are not in it. mark steyn, great to seeo you. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: the scandal around ukraine turns on the question of hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to that country. we are told that that aid is sacrosanct and we don't -- if we don't send the eight, the national security ist in jeopary huh? is that true? it's actually not. we look at it after the break, because nobody else will. sometimes your small screen is your big screen.
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and with the xfinity stream app, which is free with your service, you can take a spin through on demand shows, or stream live tv. download your dvr'd shows and movies on the fly. even record from right where you are. keep what you watch with you. download the xfinity stream app today and get ready for xfinity stream tv week. watch shows like south park and the walking dead october 7th through 13th. ♪ as usual almost nobody in washington traces a story back to its roots but it's worth it.n the impeachment saga can be
9:51 pm
traced back to military aid to ukraine, hundreds of millions of dollars of military aid to ukraine. why are we sending it? the explicit purpose is to help ukraine battle russia. okay. ukraine would be in favor of that but why should you be in favor? does it help america? does it make you safer? thank you for coming on. >> great to be here. >> tucker: if i were a ukrainian, i would be completely in favor of this. why should i as an american be in favor? >> you probably shouldn't. the crisis is over, the immediate crisis that was posed when vladimir putin took a small part of ukraine and then took crimea which instantly is mostly ethnically russian. right now you have a lot of aid going to ukraine, up to nearly $1.5 billion if you go back to 2014 when they have this political transformation. ton the problem is the place is crooked, it's corrupt. in a lot of places will report
9:52 pm
foreign aid over the years are corrupt and you get more corruption when you do it. transparency international says there's 120 in the world out of 180 and corruption. they're the most corrupt countre in all of europe except for russia. >> tucker: the posture i hear in washington, if i'm not really upset about russia messing around in ukraine or estonia or crimea or whatever, that i'm a traitor to america. why do we care so much? i'm confused. >> why do we care? there is a reason to care. we don't want russia willy-nilly invading other countries although they are not threatening to do it. the real question is why doesn't europe care? they are there. look at germany. germany's economy is 2.5 times the size of russia and if you look at the whole e.u., 13 times the size of russia's economy. it's going to be smaller at the end of the month when britain pulls out but they have the resources to handle themselves.
9:53 pm
>> tucker: it's funny that my country actually is being invaded by other countries from the south. look at the population movement into the united states without our permission, and nobody cares and caring is itself seen asar immoral but we have to be outraged morally outraged that russia is making belligerent noises at ukraine. thdo you think that's weird? >> i think it's weird. i think you have a europe mafia in our foreign service establishment that exits 1942. they love being the king makere and giving this money. what are we getting in return? i we willing to take this really bad relationship with russia, really pushing russia into china's arms, do we really want to take on two great powers of the same time? we should think about it and have a debate before we happen into it. >> tucker: why wouldn't we bent friends with russia? no one has ever explained it to me. i've never understoodin it. china is the threat. it's really clear. yet washington is loaded with dumb people, forcing us to be at
9:54 pm
war with russia. i think it's the weirdest thing i'vee ever seen. but then i am a traitor, great to see you. congress is obsessed with impeachment obviously. nothing is getting done. oh, wait a second. let me revise that. nothing is getting done except one thing. the other day congress did pass one important piece of legislation which shows what they really care about. we'll tell you what it was. you'll be surprised. . .
9:55 pm
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9:58 pm
>> measure has an all lot of problems that measure should be working on, including the fading middle close, a crumbling infrastructure and the crisis on the board, an exhausted military still fighting the longest war in afghanistan,est, et cetera. congress should be worried about
9:59 pm
that, but they're distracted by this ukrainian problem. in one issue, they're in virtual, total agreement. last wednesday, the seam day the house was convulsed in the impeachmentns debate, they came together in a rare moment of bipartisan agreement to pass so the called safe banking act. safe for whom? weed dealers. even though marijuana is still illegal federally, it would he a lou banks and credit unions to provide banking for marijuana. so the in the middle of our drug crisis, the only thing they can agree on is to make it easier for people to buy drugs. some are getting very rich. the former republican house speaker isis now a weed analyst. and they want you to be so out of it, can't understand.
10:00 pm
choose sew buy itself so you can be awake enough to critique them. the sworn enemy of lying pomposity smugness and groupthink.up next we have a se. >> sean: great show as always. welcome to "hannity." we have so much information it will take the full hour that we will givehe l you tonight but i promise you the media mob, the single most repugnant corrupt whiney group of people in this country with a political agenda for one party, we are going to lay out the truth each and every detail, that the president did absolutely nothing wrong. nothing. the democrats, the media, they are just outright lying to you
10:01 pm
again. three years of lies, coverups conspiracy theorie


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